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The Industry's First Semi-Active Suspension

Smart-Shox – the industry’s first semi-active suspension system. High-capacity exclusive KYB shocks and a sophisticated system of sensors and ECM software that instantly translate terrain, rider input and chassis behavior into the optimal ride.

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Pinpoint Control

  • Pilot DS 4 Skis

    Command the Snow

    Pilot DS 4 Skis - 2-stage keel design improves flotation. Entire keel has been moved forward with a revised rear portion for improved consistency in deep snow and straighter tracking in rough conditions.

  • Pilot TX Skis

    One True Ride

    Pilot X & TX Skis - Pilot X skis feature a longer, deeper keel to eliminate darting and offer riders true point-and-go handling with the confidence to dominate any trail conditions. Also available in the Pilot TX with adjustable carbide.

  • Pilot DS 2 Skis

    Crossover Precision

    Pilot DS 2 Skis - Single wide-keel design for consistent handling on trail. Thin, stiff outer edges and short, flat tail provide excellent sidehilling bite.

  • Pilot DS 3 Skis

    Deep Snow Control

    Pilot DS 3 Skis - Designed to perform in deep snow. Holds a sidehill better and offers great control. Narrow ski tip cuts through crusty shallow snow; wide easy-to-install extension widens the tip for added flotation in deeper powder.

  • Pilot 7.4 Skis

    Flotation you can use

    Pilot 7.4 Skis - Designed to provide better reverse capability, more floatation off trail and more positive steering on trail and while hauling loads.

  • Pilot 5.7 Skis

    Carves the Line

    Pilot 5.7 Skis - Dual-keel/single-carbide design for aggressive bite in corners and virtually no darting.

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