Starting at $11,849

MSRP on entry package, transportation and preparation fees may vary based on selection.

A true zero compromise 50/50 on-trail or off-trail snowmobile. The Backcountry delivers the agile performance and adrenaline these adventure-seeking riders love.

*Backcountry X-RS 850 E-TEC shown


The True 50/50 Crossover

Zero Compromises

Reimagined on the REV Gen5 platform for today’s 50/50 crossover rider. The Backcountry defines the crossover segment with high-capacity trail performance and superior off-trail capability with no trade-offs.


Superior control and precision

Improved trail capacity and flatter cornering deliver a high-performance trail riding experience that surpasses all expectations in the crossover category.


Ultimate agility and performance

Exceptionally nimble and instantly responsive with power to match, the Backcountry creates an effortless off-trail ride that's almost second nature to anyone at the controls.


A crossover that dares you to push it

Purpose-built with features to dial up any adventure. Advanced technology combines with unbeatable capability and stunning style to create the premier 50/50 snowmobile.

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