To help preserve our winter playgrounds, only venture off trail when it’s safe and legal, and be mindful of wildlife in their natural habitat. That way, we can ensure the next ride is always as good as the last.

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Ski-Doo respecting our backcountry snowmobiling environement

Respecting our Backcountry Snowmobiling Environment

Ski-Doo Ambassador, Jeremy Mercier and Hana Beaman from Backcountry Access share the best ways to protect our backcountry snowmobiling areas and ensure safe access. Knowledge of the riding terrain, understanding the snowpack and reading the avalanche risks are key deep snow safety tips covered in this video.

Ski-Doo - Respecting the Snowmobile trails

Respecting the Snowmobile Trails

Respecting the snowmobile trails and the land they’re on is essential for keeping them open. Ski-Doo Ambassadors Troy Oleson and Tiffanie Hoops share their tips on how to best respect the trails we share. Knowing when and where you are legally allowed to ride is one of the biggest challenges in the sport of snowmobiling.

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