How do I safely ride a snowmobile?

How safe is snowmobiling? It's all about the learning curve. Any time you’re in the great outdoors, knowledge and experience are your friends. You have to start with the basics and work your way up.


Know your snowmobile

Read the manual! Every Ski-Doo comes with a rider's manual and snowmobile safety guide. They detail the basics on how to safely operate a snowmobile.

Read the terrain

Now that you’re familiar with your machine, you need to know how it acts on different surfaces. As a snowmobile operator, you will encounter hard snow, powder, deep snow, ice and even a few dirt roads. Knowing how safe snowmobiling is includes understanding how your Ski-Doo acts on every terrain.

Get pro tips

Watch the Ski-Doo snowmobiling safety video below. It answers a range of questions on how to safely ride a snowmobile:

  • The latest tips on safe snowmobiling
  • Riding techniques and etiquette
  • What gear to wear
  • What to take along for the ride
  • Valuable troubleshooting suggestions

The more you know…

Supplement your hard-earned knowledge with the Safe Riders! Snowmobile Safety Awareness Program. Sponsored by Ski-Doo, this series of videos teach you even more about snowmobile safety. You can also take short quizzes to test your knowledge and feel extra confident before you ride.

Become a legal eagle

But before venturing out in the snow, check your local regulations and requirements. Get all the info you need from the state/province where your snowmobile is registered

Easy does it

Last but definitely not least: know your limitations. Be smart and ride according to what you know and what you can do at the time. Safe riders keep building on their experience and focus on learning as much as they can.

Watch the Ski-Doo safety video

Discover the Ski-Doo free avalanche training

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