What is the best snowmobile apparel for deep-snow riding?

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When you head into the mountains, you need to prepare for anything. You’ll be up against variables you can’t control, like the weather or riding terrain and conditions, so the quality of your gear can truly make or break your day. Here are the team’s top deep-snow snowmobile apparel recommendations for your next deep-snow ride!


Let’s start with head protection and work our way down. A snowcross-style helmet is best for these types of rides. Since you’ll be working hard, it should also be lightweight. Any helmet you wear should have its ECE and/or DOT certification, which means it’s been rigorously tested for impact safety and more. We recommend a model like the Pyra, which combines comfort, protection, and airflow.


Next, you’ll also need goggles to protect your eyes from the elements. This element of your Ski-Doo apparel should fit perfectly into the opening of your helmet to prevent any cold air or snow from slipping through. We recommend going with a helmet and goggle combo for a seamless fit or choosing a pair with XL foam that will fill any gaps in between. Every face shape is different, so make sure to always try on the items before you buy them. 

Want to be extra prepared? Pack a backup pair of goggles in case your first pair gets wet, or if you need to switch lenses as conditions change. If you want to purchase a combo like we mentioned above, the Edge goggle is a perfect fit for the Pyra helmet. 


Here’s one more cold-weather solution: when exploring the backcountry, you’re going to sweat — a lot. Breathable layers are a must, and you’ll want to wear a few of them so that you can adapt as your body temperature changes. 

We recommend a high-quality shell that’s waterproof, breathable and, most importantly, durable. The BC series has a huge collection of shells: the three-layer BC Aspect collection would be great for its lightweight design, its stretch, and how well it pairs with layers.

If you’re an occasional rider or just looking for an all-around versatile jacket, a two-layer shell is your best bet. They’re more affordable, often come with some extra features, and have the same great waterproof and windproof qualities.



Next up, you’ll need boots. Look for a pair with superior ankle protection and waterproofing. Of course, they’ll also need to be breathable. Make you try different styles to find your perfect blend of comfort, breathability, and style.


For deep-snow gloves, you’ll want a windproof, waterproof, breathable pair that gives you a strong grip on the handlebars. Since not everyone wants full insulation, some gloves only have it on the top of the hands. Others are fully insulated and bonded for grip. No matter which gloves you choose, always pack two to three pairs in case they get wet! You’ll be happy you did later on.


Last but not least is your avalanche safety gear. Never leave for a mountain ride without wearing your beacon and packing your shovel and probe in your backpack. There are so many safety gear options out there – just make sure you know how to use your equipment and always separate your cell phone from your beacon. We recommend trying on your pack before buying it to make sure the straps or harness feel comfortable. And before you hit the slopes, check the snow conditions to find a safe place to ride.

Aside from purchasing the right mountain snowmobile gear, BRP also recommends taking an avalanche safety course. To find one near you, contact your local avalanche organization or consult your vehicle’s operator guide. You can also find out more about avalanche safety training in the Owner’s Zone

Follow these suggestions and you’ll stay warm, dry, and comfortable on your next backcountry ride. That’s the first step toward chasing That Ski-Doo Feeling all over. We’ll see you out on the snow!

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