Top 5 must-have accessories for trail snowmobiling

Man using the Ski-Doo trail accessories on his sled

As a Ski-Doo Ambassador, Troy knows trail riding like the back of his glove. Here are his top 5 must-haves for snowmobile survival when riding the trails, plus some great pro tips on boosting performance and excitement.



Most riders install a windshield to suit their height and personal style. Ski-Doo offers many different types and styles of accessory windshields, from low racy ones to taller ones with added protection from the wind and elements. Tall windshields improve your ride in cold or windy conditions. Low ones tend to look sleeker and are great for warmer days.

Ski-Doo Trail Performance Grips

Performance grips add traction to your handlebars. That extra grip puts you in more control of your sled!

The E LinQ System

E LinQ provides incomparable freedom of movement on very cold days. The quick and easy connection means you’re ready to start your ride in no time, no problem. The E LinQ system is also fully compatible with OXYGEN helmets and works with any 12V heated visor. This unique concept is both a DESS cord (digitally-encoded security system) and a heated visor cable. It doesn’t get any more convenient.

Lateral footplate

This must-have snowmobile accessory is ideal for riders who use their feet to push in corners or want to feel more locked into their sled.

The LinQ Attachment System

A BRP exclusive, LinQ is an interchangeable system for easily mounting and dismounting snowmobile accessories. That means you can carry anything and everything from spare gloves and phones to GPS devices and your lunch. Customize your ride while adding more fun and comfort to any outing—and set your sled apart! There are lots of LinQ parts and accessories to choose from for your Ski-Doo, but let’s start with these two rad bags:

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    Top 5 must-have accessories for trail snowmobiling

    Top 5 must-have accessories for trail snowmobiling

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