How To Change the Oil on a Ski-Doo 600 or 900 ACE Snowmobile

XPS Oil change kit on the floor of a garage and a snowmobile in the background

Our quick guide to changing the oil on a Ski-Doo 600 & 900 ACE engine will keep you on the snow all winter long. This critical sled maintenance should be performed at least once a year or maybe even more frequently depending how and where you ride. Let’s get started!

Changing the oil in your Ski-Doo 4-stroke snowmobile is essential to maximizing the performance and longevity of your engine. Oil and filter changes should be done annually or every 6000 km (4000 miles) in normal conditions. If you’re riding in more severe cold conditions, you should consider a monthly oil change due to increased condensation in the oil. The process outlined here can be used for Ski-Doo snowmobiles equipped with Rotax 600 ACE, 900 ACE, 900 ACE Turbo and 900 ACE Turbo R engines. Here’s what you’ll need to do the job:

Ski-Doo 4-Stroke Snowmobile Oil Change Guide

1: Warm up your engine. Park your Ski-Doo on a level surface in a well-ventilated area. Set the parking brake, start your vehicle for a few minutes, allowing it to come up to operating temperature.

2: With the engine done warming, turn the snowmobile off and remove the key. Open the left-hand side panel and remove the drive belt guard.

3: Clean around the dipstick head, remove the dipstick and set it aside.

4: The oil drain plugs are protected by an access cover. Remove one of the access cover screws and slightly loosen the second so you can rotate the cover out of the way, exposing the primary and secondary drain plugs. Clean around the drain plug location and place your drain pan under the Ski-Doo.

5: Using your socket wrench, remove the drain plugs and allow old engine oil to drain completely. Discard the old crush washers.

6: Once the oil has finished draining, wipe the plugs clean with a rag and re-install with the new crush washers from your XPS snowmobile oil change kit. Tighten the plug to the following torque specs: 20 N-m ± 2 N-m (15 lbf-ft ± 1.5 lbf-ft).

7: To access the oil filter, open the right-hand side panel. Clean around the filter housing area if needed. Use your socket wrench to remove the oil filter cover. Discard the old O-ring as well as the old oil filter. Check and clean the oil filter cavity, removing any contaminants.

8: Install your new snowmobile oil filter and O-ring. Use your finger or a clean rag to slightly coat the end of the oil filter and new O-ring with fresh oil. This will help ensure a proper seal.

9: Reinstall the oil filter cap and tighten the bolts to the proper torque specs:
10 N-m ± 1 N-m (89 lbf-ft ± 9 lbf-ft).

10: Using your funnel, add the proper amount of fresh XPS engine oil (2.1 L / 2.22 quarts for 600 ACE Engines. 3.3 L / 3.5 quarts for 900 ACE & 900 ACE Turbo engines.) by filling at the dipstick location. Re-install the engine oil dipstick.

11: Check for proper engine oil level and leaks. Start the engine and allow it to idle for a few minutes and shut off the engine and remove the key. To check oil level, pull the dipstick and wipe it clean. Reinsert the dipstick completely and remove again to take an oil level reading. Oil level should show between the minimum and maximum indicator lines on the dipstick.

12: Inspect underneath the sled and near the drain plug for any signs of leaks.

13: Reinstall the drain plug access cover and both side panels.

14: Dispose of used snowmobile oil properly. If you’re unsure where to dispose of your used oil, contact your local municipality.

Once your Ski-Doo ACE 4-stroke engine oil change is complete, you’re ready to get back to your winter adventures. If you have any questions about the oil change process, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Ski-Doo dealer.

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