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We have modified the interface of the Maps tab to easily start recording a ride. The old “GO!” button has been changed to the new "RECORD RIDE" button. This type of ride allows you to record the path of your ride (breadcrumb), allowing you to know exactly where you have been. It is also now easier to add your friends to this type of ride.

From now on, when you start a ride, a pannel showing the distance traveled and the time since the ride started will be displayed. It will therefore be easy to access this useful information at any time during your trip.

The app offers two riding options: planned routes with turn-by-turn navigation and recorded rides with breadcrumb tracking. Previously, riders could only turn planned routes into future routes. Now, the duplication feature includes area exploration rides (GO! button), allowing you to view past breadcrumbs on the map and revisit past locations.

For example, if you experienced an unfogettable mountain ride, you can easily follow the same path again by retracing your previous breadcrumb trail.

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We’ve got good news for those without the Ski-Doo 10.25" or 7.8" touchscreen display or glovebox extension accessory who typically ride with their phones in their pocket, bag or glovebox! Now, you can record your rides and your breadcrumb trails will be saved, even when your phone is locked. Plus, the same goes for friends joining you on your ride (their position will still be shared with the group).

Please keep in mind that if you use BRP GO! on your vehicle display, your phone must remain unlocked while connected.

We’ve improved the search bar to make it easier for you to find your favorite points of interest (POI). Previously, a maximum number of results could be displayed in a search and only points of interest close to your current location were viewable. That limit has been removed, which ensures that you can always find the place you’re looking for, as long as it’s part of our POI data.

You asked, we answered. We’re excited to introduce a highly requested feature… You can now lock your map’s orientation “North Up” during a ride. When you activate this function, the map will stay oriented upwards and won’t rotate with your movement (similar to a good old paper map).

The behavior of the app during rerouting (when you take a different path than the one proposed by the route) has been improved: we’ve replaced the pop-up, which required immediate action, with a contextual button situated at the bottom of the screen. This button allows you to initiate a route adjustement based on your updated location (though it’s not mandatory). Once the route has been revised, the button vanishes automatically with no extra user action needed.

We’ve got exciting news for those who enjoy riding off the beaten path: the BRP GO! application can now create off-trail routes or a combination of both on- and off-trail routes. When creating a new itinerary, you can manually insert points (pinpoints) in areas with no trails in order to incorporate a backcountry segment. These off-trail segments within your route will be visually represented with a dotted line.

Please make sure to only create off-trail routes within official playgrounds or privately owned lands. Additionally, please note that this feature is unfortunately not available in Ontario.

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