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The Summit Edge

Ignite your sense of discovery. The powerfully nimble Summit Edge is the ideal sled for skiers & snowboarders looking to break new snow in the backcountry.

Sled Sessions: How To Sled-Ski & Snowboard

Learn from seasoned Sled-Skiers & Snowboarders

How to prep for sled-skiing

Essential sled-skiing packaging list

Why Rob Alford chooses Ski-Doo

Why Dave Norona chooses Ski-Doo

Why Craig Mcmorris chooses Ski-Doo

Why Tatum Monod chooses Ski-Doo

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Ski-Doo offers free avalanche education classes

Enter the BCA Ski-Doo Avalanche Gear Giveaway for your shot at winning one of several pieces of BCA avalanche safety gear designed to make your life in the backcountry safer and easier.