Packed for the Trails

What are you packing along for your next snowmobile trail ride? Ski-Doo ambassadors MJ Thompson and Corey Jinks walk you through the items they carry with them on every ride. From the obvious trail ride necessities to some of their favorite creature comforts that they just can’t leave home without – discover what’s in their bag that gives them peace of mind to go the extra miles on the snowmobile trail every season.

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  • Prepping the Trails

    Prepping the Trails

    Snowmobile trails don't happen by accident. See the effort these volunteers pour into every season so we can all enjoy the adventure together.
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  • Staying Sled Ready

    Staying Sled Ready

    Summer is all about getting ready for snowmobile season. Ski-Doo ambassador Cody McNolty shows us how he stays ride-ready for that first snowfall.
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  • Packed for the Mountains

    Packed for the Mountains

    Pack like the pros! Ski-Doo ambassadors Rob Alford and Nadine Overwater share what decades of deep-snow riding has taught them to pack on every ride.
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