Rasmus Johansson

Hometown : Kiruna, Sweden

Current sleds : MXZx 600RS and 2020 Summit X with Expert package 850 E-TEC

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How did your interest in sleds start?

Started way back when I was a little kid. My father had a snowmobile rental/guide business so I kind of grew up around sleds.

Describe That Ski-Doo Feeling

Pure power going off the ramp or floating around in 3 feet of fresh pow with a group of friends who enjoy riding their sleds as much as I do!

What’s your “real job?”

I’m a freestyle rider, so I do shows/demos for a living and sometimes during low season I work for an industrial company.

Who makes up your typical riding crew?

My closest friends are the ones I pretty much always ride with, but it’s always nice to meet new faces out in the backcountry and get the shred on!

Favorite place to ride?

That would be Riksgränsen, Sweden.

Dream place to ride?

Somewhere in BC or Alaska.


What’s your one must-have accessory for your Ski-Doo?

LinQ mounts and a Ski-Doo bag where I can fit all accessories like shovel, gloves, goggles and so on.



Describe your perfect day on the snow

The perfect day would be a sunny day around March, April or May up in Riksgränsen. I really like the slushy snow conditions which makes it easier to build high jumps, but also wouldn’t mind surfing deep pow and shredding wind lips all day.

When I’m not on the snow, you’ll most likely find me

In the gym or at some local coffee shop, I guess.

What’s one innovation you’d like to see on a sled that doesn’t currently exist?  

For sure make it lighter and narrower looking, almost like a bike. Ski-Doo is always improving every year, so in the future I think we are going to see more development in materials to make it stronger, lighter and more efficient than it already is.

Favorite trailside or mountainside meal or place to eat?

Ebbes kök in Katterjåkk is quite nice for a little break.

What’s the first song/artist that comes on when you get in the truck?

Depends on which mood I’m in, I pretty much can listen to anything!

Celebrity or person you’d most like to ride with?

My teammate Andreas Bergmark. He is the gnarliest dude out there in the backcountry for sure! He has so much energy and always up to try cool stuff, always a pleasure to see him ride!

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