Ashley Chaffin

Hometown : Valdez, Alaska

Current sleds : 2023 Freeride 146 850 E-TEC

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Love the journey you live! If you ask anyone that knows me, it’s very hard for me to sit still! I always have to stay moving and I love adventure and anything that involves the outdoors. I spend my time in both Wyoming and Alaska now, camping, riding side-by- sides, dirt bikes, fishing and riding my horses in Summer. Anything with a motor always has my attention and riding sleds has been a true passion since I was about 5. Doing clinics has really inspired me to help grow this sport even more and I love watching people learn and having as much fun as I do!


My favorite place to ride is always going to be my hometown, Valdez. I grew up riding there and have still never experienced a place like it. Some of my favorite spots are 15 minutes from my house. Great snow, amazing views and awesome terrain is what I truly love about this place. The people there are great and because I was born there and the town is so small it’s like a big snowmobile family, always there to help or wanting to ride.

Now that I spend half my winter in Wyoming, I feel like my possibilities are endless. It’s the opposite of Alaska, full of technical tree terrain. That is exciting, as I get to keep pushing myself and learning something new every day! This winter is definitely going to be my best.


I absolutely love the Ski-Doo Revy one-piece suit. It keeps me very warm when I’m riding and doesn’t feel big and bulky. My other “go-to gear” would be the Helium 50 jacket and high pant. This gear is tough and made for active riders. I always stay warm and dry in this gear and the 2017 colors are pretty rad.

Normal Job

I own two coffee shops in Alaska and they both keep me pretty busy. I’m pretty lucky and have some awesome employees that give me the flexibility to take a lot of the winter off.

Most fun on a sled ever

This is honestly a really hard question to answer. I have been riding as long as I can remember and I have had some pretty amazing experiences. I would probably have to say some of my road trips to Canada.

Riding in new spots is always a blast, especially with good friends. I have some pretty funny stories about trucks and trailers breaking down on the Alcan and getting us out of some pretty sticky situations. Riding all night and making it work because we all have that same passion of being on the snow.

Throw in some fun ruckus on sleds with good friends and you’re bound to have some good memories!


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