2024 Snowmobile accessories

Ski-Doo accessories level up any ride with rider-inspired designs and seamless integration

No matter what ride you dream up, Ski-Doo accessories can help make it reality with smart, functional designs that integrate seamlessly to fit your perfect winter adventures.

Become one with your Snowmobile

Custom Ergonomics Accessories

Add custom ergonomic accessories to make your sled fit better to your body size, weight, strength and riding style. The better your sled fits your body, the more comfortable it’ll be and the longer you can ride.

Hands-on Communication

LED Running Lights for Handguards

Fully integrated to vehicle's handguard, it use white, amber and green lights to communicate message to oncoming riders. With these lights in tow, you can alert riders that more vehicles are coming, that you’re the last in the group or that a hazardous situation looms.