Ride Connected

Integrated connectivity technology for your sled

Connect to the Adventure

Ski-Doo seamlessly integrates exclusive connectivity technology into our sleds everywhere you look. Get ready to connect with your sled, riding crew and new destinations in incredible new ways.

A host of BRP-exclusive connectivity features adds a deeper connection to the ride begins long before you ever start your sled. Whether it's ride planning with the BRP GO! app, navigation throught the 10.25" color touchscreen display with built-in GPS or chatting up the memories with your riding crew while you're on the move, Ski-Doo connectivity levels up every part of the winter experience.

Explore our connectivity technologies

BRP GO! Mobile App

Emmerse yourself in the ride

BRP GO! delivers exclusive features through your mobile device to add more to your rides. Connect with friends and plan trips together, track each other while you ride, locate POIs or mark your own favorites, save your favorite rides to relive the fun - and view it on your phone or the 10.25" touchscreen display when connected to your sled. Available for iOS and Android.

Info Hub

10.25" Touchscreen Display with Built-In GPS

Full-color, touchscreen display is your view to sled vitals in stunning clarity. Built-in GPS allows you to track your position, orient yourself with the compass, leave breadcrumb trail to track your ride and view topographic and trail maps without needing to connect your phone. When paired with your phone, you have full access to all the features available through the BRP GO! app, plus, take and receive phone calls, control music and more.

Your Voice

Vibe Universal Communication System

An open line of communication has never been easier. The new universal Vibe comm system keeps you contact with other more riders. It syncs with your phone, sled and other devices with the push of a button. Proven cold weather performance with 5 hours of battery life at -18c and a range of more than 1 km.

Discover More Exclusive Technologies

Ski-Doo advanced technologies are rider-focused to create a better riding experience, regardless of terrain, weather or riding ability.