That Ski‑Doo Feeling

A different breed

That's how we describe our sleds and those who ride them. You, whose blood doesn't run red; it revs yellow. You, who knows what comes after the storm is anything but calm. You, who knows what That Ski-Doo Feeling truly is. 

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Rad Rides

Challenge. Adrenaline. Reward

That’s what Ski-Doo riders live for, and that’s exactly what they get. Follow our expert Ski-Doo riders on their most epic snowmobile adventures on the episodes of Rad Rides.


Bonded by Snow

Our love of the snow creates a special relationship that spans generations. Experiencing it on a sled only adds to that unique bond. In Generations by Ski-Doo, our ambassadors pass on their passion to inspire you to see winter in a new way.

Sled Sessions

Learn how to get sled-ready like the pros

Our pros know the best way to get the most out of sled season is to make the most out of the pre-season. Learn how they get their sled, gear and body prepped and ready to ride.

  • Man on the 2025 MXZ X-RS with Competition Package


    Learn more about the relentless innovation and technologies that drive us to help you find even more of That Ski-Doo Feeling.

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  • Ambassadors


    Meet the people who worship winter like no other. Their adventures inspire, their passion consumes and, most of all, they share That Ski-Doo Feeling far and wide.

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    News & Media Reviews

    Sled reviews, awards and more. Get the latest news on Ski-Doo Snowmobiles from the most trusted voices in the industry.

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  • Racing


    From dominating snocross tracks around the globe to conquering the toughest hillclimbs to the world's most demanding endurance races, Ski-Doo racers have overcome them all.

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