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That’s what these Ski-Doo riders live for, and that’s exactly what they get on the adventures you’re about to bear witness to on the following episode of Rad Rides.

Ski-Doo Rad Rides EP4 - Ice Fishing in Nunavut

Ice Fishing in Nunavut

Fishing guide Jay Siemens and Inuit hunter Alex Flaherty take a trip through Nunavut's treacherous icy terrain. Learn about Inuit values and traditions as Alex teaches his community's youths about traditional hunting and fishing.

Ski-Doo Rad Rides EP3 - Ella Snall Takes on British Columbia

From Sea to Sky in British Columbia

The terrain in British Columbia is some of the most impressively daunting on earth. And it's the perfect place for Ella Snäll to push her limits and put her fears behind her, with Cody McNolty guiding the way.

YouTube video - Ski-Doo Rad Rides E1 - Riding in Chile

Riding in Chile

Our Ski-Doo Ambassadors Jeremy Mercier, Jay Mentaberry, Tony Jenkins and Carl Kuster took a snowmobile trip 5,000 miles south to Chile for an epic Adventure

YouTube video - Ski-Doo Rad Rides E2 - Sled-skiing in Alaska

Sled-skiing in Alaska

What happens when you send four amazing women riders to the majestic Thompson Pass to camp and sled-ski on untouched terrain? Tune in to find out.

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