What is the best snowmobile apparel for trail riding?

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Every day out on the trail is a great day when you wear snowmobile trail riding gear that keeps you warm, dry, and comfortable! If you’re curious about the clothing you need for your next excursion, we’re breaking down the best Ski-Doo apparel for all your on-trail adventures.


Every riding outfit starts with a quality helmet. You have three types to choose from, and each one offers different benefits. First up, modular helmets like the Exome are a great mix of affordable and reliable. They have an integrated mask system with the option to add an electric visor, so you can go all day without having to remove your headgear. 

Then there are full-face helmets, like the Oxygen, with 360-degree protection. This model comes with a few special features, including integrating heating to keep you toasty during long, frigid rides.

Finally, cross style helmets like the Pyra are designed for more active trail riders, since they offer more ease of movement and airflow. If you prefer this style, reach for a windproof balaclava to cover your nose and bring your breath downwards (to avoid fogging up your visor). We also recommend goggles with XL foam to seal off any exposed skin from the cold.


In terms of clothing, you’ll need a cozy jacket and pants that fit your riding style. 

If you’re a leisurely rider who mostly hits the trails with friends or a partner, you probably get cold fast — and that’s no fun! In this case, you’ll need a heavily insulated jacket and pants with lots of wind protection. Our warmest option in the collection is the Absolute 0. This option is designed with removable layers to adapt to changing conditions throughout your day.

Warning : This is not a coast guard approved personal floatation device, this is a floatation assistance technology. We do not recommend riders to drive over unsafe frozen bodies of water.

Then there are active, enduro-style riders. We recommend a warm enough jacket to start your day comfortably and still lets you breathe when you break a sweat. The X-Team jacket or an enduro-style jacket has a windproof and waterproof outer shell with lighter insulation.

If you plan to travel over frozen lakes and rivers, we strongly suggest flotation assist gear like the Vasa collection. Its built-in flotation technology helps you stay afloat and quickly escape during the critical moments after an accidental ice breakthrough.

For active crossover riders, you can go for a sleek three-in-one jacket combo! The Mcode jacket is one of our top picks for snowmobile trail riding gear in this category.

There’s been lots of layering talk so far, and that’s for a good reason: base layers are a super important part of staying dry, warm, and comfortable! If you sweat into a cotton base layer, you’re bound to stay wet and cold all day. Instead, reach for insulated layers for laid-back rides or merino for more active rides. That’s what keeps you on track for more fun when you ride.



It goes without saying that warm, comfy, durable boots with strong ankle support are a must — nobody likes riding all day with wet socks or sore ankles. 

For gloves, it’s all about taking the time to find your fit. If you’re going for a quick spin in the harsh cold, look for lots of insulation. And if you’re an active rider who expects to sweat, light insulation is best with a strong grip for that close handlebar feel.

And there’s your outfit! Follow these Ski-Doo apparel recommendations and you’re sure to stay warm, dry, and comfortable on your next trail ride. We’ll see you out on the snow!

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