Is there specific snowmobile gear for women?

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What should women wear for their first snowmobile ride? It’s a question we get asked all the time! Today, we’re shedding some light on which head-to-toe gear you need before you hit the powder.

First off, the location of your ride can determine what to wear. Trails and mountains require different types of gear, so you need to know where you’re riding before you can start piecing together your outfit.


For helmets, we always recommend a lightweight model like the Exome or the Oxygen Carbon for trail rides. Meanwhile, the Pyra is our pick for mountain rides. It’s best to look for models that fit nice and snug and match your head shape. Some people also like wearing a balaclava under their helmet to keep their hair in check with additional warmth.


There are so many options for snowmobile jackets for women. If you’re someone who gets chilly on the trail, you’ll need a layer that’s both breathable and wind-resistant. The Absolute 0 jacket is designed to keep heat in and the cold out, making it a great all-around pick. 

If you plan to travel over frozen lakes and rivers, we suggest flotation-assist gear like the Vasa jacket and Vasa pants. Its built-in flotation technology will help you stay afloat and quickly escape during the critical moments after an accidental ice breakthrough. Even with all the appropriate gear on you, it’s still important to stay informed about the ice thickness and the currents that may affect it.

Since mountain rides tend to be a little more active, we recommend a shell like the BC Kona jacket, plus a good base and mid layer. Layering is key for deep snow rides; you’re sure to break a sweat, so you’ll want to regulate your temperature as you heat up. The more layers you have, the more you can adapt to changing temperatures and your level of exertion along the way.


Next up are the pants. Every woman knows how hard it can be to take an impromptu bathroom break, and a snowsuit makes this as awkward as it gets! Always look for women’s snowmobile pants with a drop seat or zippers that go all the way up to the waistband to easily answer nature’s call.



Since hands and feet get cold the quickest, you need to choose gloves and boots carefully. Fit is important here, so make sure to try both items on before you ride. Insulated gloves or mitts are best for trail riding, and when deep snow riding, look for lightweight or uninsulated gloves that are still windproof and waterproof. A long gauntlet glove is great to have in case you need to dig yourself out in a pinch — that way, you won’t get snow down your sleeve. 

Some unisex gloves fit great, but if your hands are small, you may want a pair made specifically for women. Plus, when a glove’s fit is snug, you can feel confident in your grip on the handlebars. Some riders prefer a lightly insulated palm, which allows them to feel the heat of the handlebars — if your ride has that feature — and maintain a strong grip.

For boots, look for three major factors: waterproofing, warmth, and excellent ankle support. No matter the type of ride, these criteria are super important — nothing is worse than having cold, wet feet or sore ankles while you ride.

Now that you’re covered from top to bottom, it’s time for your very first excursion. With the right snowmobile gear for women and an adventurous spirit, we know you’re going to have a blast. See you out on the snow!

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