Exome is our all-new modular helmet designed to help you maximize every minute on the trails. It is available in 3 versions, and each one offers exceptional protection, comfort, and performance plus a variety of features to keep you enjoying the ride longer and safer. Learn more about Exome below.

Exome Helmet

Superior Modular Design

The Exome Helmet has perfect modular functionality. The chin guard and face shield can be lifted with the touch of a button. The magnetic mask system ensures exceptional airflow for a fog-free ride.

Exome Sport Helmet

For Removable Peak and Color Options

Upgrade to Exome Sport for a removable peak and vibrant color options with a clean matte finish.

Exome Sport Radiant Helmet

With Radiant Core Optics

For the best experience, upgrade to the Exome Sport Radiant with its heated dual lens face shield powered by Radiant Core Optics technology. This plug-in helmet provides reliable heat on every ride.