Mid‑Sized Snowmobiles

The right‑sized ride for every rider

The Perfect Fit

Sleds designed for entry level or smaller riders with properly fitted ergonomics and power to maximize the enjoyment for riders of any experience level and any size.


Mid‑Sized Sled Features

Sized Right

Ideal ergos for smaller riders

Ski‑Doo Mid‑Sized snowmobiles create a better experience for smaller riders with appropriately sized ergonomics, such as lower seat profiles and smaller diameter handlebars for the perfect fit.

Easy to Drive

Simple operation for every level of rider

Intentionally designed to be easy to drive and easy to own. Electric start, easily accessible controls and simplified maintenance make discovering That Ski‑Doo Feeling safe and simple on every ride.

Light on the Wallet

Winter fun without breaking the bank

No one should be left out of the fun of snowmobiling. Mid‑sized sleds start at a lower initial cost, and come with highly efficient Rotax engines for an economical ownership experience.

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Snowmobile FAQs for Beginners

A mid‑sized snowmobile operates the same way as a full size sled, but there are a few differences when it comes to ergonomics. Features like shorter seat height, narrower handlebars with smaller diameter and lesser engine power make the experience more comfortable and less intimidating for smaller or newer riders.

Ski‑Doo offers snowmobilers of every age and experience level a sled that will suit their needs. The Ski‑Doo MXZ 120 and 200 are perfect for the youngest riders just getting their boots wet. And the MXZ Neo/Neo+ and Summit Neo/Neo+ models provide the perfect stepping stone as riders grow or a way for new‑to‑sport riders to gain confidence quickly.

Riding a snowmobile is simple and fun. A throttle on the right handlebar is used to modulate speed and a brake lever on the left handlebar brings you to a stop. It's that simple. For every new snowmobiler, it's highly recommended (and required in most locations) that you take a snowmobile safety course through your local club or snowmobile organization. These classes can typically be completed in a weekend and will cover everything from proper snowmobile operation to riding etiquette and safety. Plus, they're a great way to meet new friends to ride with.

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