How to choose the right Ski‑Doo seats

Nothing improves the quality of the ride like finding that perfect nowmobile seat. Our quick guide will help you discover what type of seat might be right for you and your Ski-Doo snowmobile, so you can get even more enjoyment out of every winter adventure.

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Finding the perfect Ski-Doo snowmobile seat

The first step in identifying the seat for that ideal day on the snow is taking a good, honest look at your riding style and how you spend most of your time on the snow. Do that by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Are you racking up trail miles or enjoying deep-snow adventures?
  • Do you prefer to stand up or sit down while you ride?
  • Are you bringing a passenger along to enjoy the view?
  • Do you want the ability to switch between a solo rip on the trails and a 2-up adventure?

Ski-Doo stock snowmobile seats are purpose-built for their intended use: trail, crossover, utility or deep-snow. The more you ride, the more you may want a more specific style of seat for your favorite Ski-Doo winter adventures. Read on to see how your answers to the questions above may force a change.


Deep-Snow Snowmobile Seats

Deep-snow riders typically spend most of their day standing up. They may sit down for a short time on the trail getting to and from their favorite powder bowls, but once they’re there, seats are only used for taking breaks.

For that reason, Ski-Doo deep-snow snowmobiles come from the factory with smaller profile seats. They’re shorter and narrower than what you’ll find on other sleds because deep-snow adventures require riders to be much more active, frequently moving from side-to-side on their sleds.

As your riding skills grow, you may crave even more of an advantage over the terrain and opt for something like the Deep Snow Ultra-compact Seat or the Deep Snow Compact Seat developed in collaboration with snowmobile legend Carl Kuster. Both offer a lower profile and reduced weight compared to the stock seat. They’re also a great option for riders with shorter legs, making it easier for them to move about the snowmobile.


Trail Snowmobile Seats

If you spend much of your winter on the snowmobile trail, you may want to consider a few of the Ski-Doo trail seat options. Because trail riders are in the saddle much more, picking your seat comes down to finding the perfect blend of comfort and freedom to move.

Aggressive riders will go for a seat with a narrow front portion; they lean hard over the skis in the corners and use their legs when they stand up in the bumps. If you’re this rider, the stock seat on sleds like the Ski-Doo MXZ® is for you. They offer mobility at the front with a flat rear portion for those times you’re seated.

Those who enjoy a more relaxed pace find a flatter rear portion of the seat more comfortable. In that case, the Trail Wide Seat With Storage, with its wider base and additional length, provide plenty of comfort. It also offers the added benefit of additional storage beneath the seat.

If you’re riding extreme cold conditions or just like a warmer ride, one of the Ski-Doo Trail Wide Heated Seat With Storage seat options might help you dial in that perfect ride. Crank up the temps on those frigid morning starts and turn down the heat when the sun finally breaks through the clouds.


Ski-Doo seating options for passengers

Know what's even more fun? Riding with a friend. Because the best winter moments are those we all share together. Even if you don't have two snowmobiles, it doesn't mean you can't bring someone along for the adventure.

Ski-Doo offers several 2-up seating options for riders, but the most popular is the Trail LinQ Passenger Seating system. This quick-attach, versatile seat replaces the stock seat with an expanded version of our trail seat that adds comfort for both pilot and passengers. It also adds a backrest and passenger handholds with just the flip of a lever. You can take it on and off in seconds if you’re swapping between solo rides and taking a friend for a rip.

As your riding style or 2-up rides change, you can rest assured Ski-Doo has a seat to suit your needs and your preferences in perfect harmony.

We’ll see you on the snow!

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