How to replace the CVT belt on your Ski-Doo snowmobile

Your Snowmobile drive belt transfers power from your snowmobile engine to the track. It’s essential that your snowmobile drive belt is in good working order when you head for the trail or the backcountry. This quick guide and video will help you understand when it’s time to replace your sled’s drive belt and how to change the drive belt on your Ski-Doo snowmobile.

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When should I change my snowmobile drive belt?

For most riders, starting each season with a fresh drive belt will lead to a full season of winter adventure. Over time, your drive belt will wear and need to be replaced. For starters, you should perform a quick visual inspection before every ride. Look for signs of wear like cracking, uneven wear, flat spots or fraying. If you see any of these, a belt change is in order. 

If you notice uneven performance from your sled while you ride, it could indicate you’re in need of a new belt. Look for signs like inconsistent acceleration or lower top-end speeds.


How to change the drive belt on a Ski-Doo snowmobile

Once you’ve determined it’s time to change your Ski-Doo snowmobile drive belt, follow these quick steps to get back on the snow.

Tools Required:

Pulley expander
Suspension adjustment wrench
(Both tools come with your Ski-Doo snowmobile.)

1- Park your snowmobile and remove the tether cord.

2- Remove the left side panel to expose the drive pulley sheaves and drive belt. You’ll also find the tools you need in the tool storage location.

NOTE: For Ski-Doo REV Gen5 trail, crossover and older snowmobiles, there is also a belt guard to remove. Do this by taking off the retaining pin towards the rear of the belt guard and carefully pulling the guard away from the sled. Set it aside and keep track of the retaining pin.

3- Remove the old drive belt by inserting the pulley expander into the threaded hole on the adjuster hub of your driven pulley. Screw the pulley expander in to open the sheaves. This will take tension off the belt and make it easier to remove.

With the driven pulley opened far enough, slip the old drive belt over the top and then slip it around the drive pulley below to remove it.

4- Install the new belt by slipping it around the lower drive pulley first, then work it over the driven pulley. Pay close attention to the arrows on the drive belt. They should be pointing forward towards the front of the sled when they’re at the top of the driven pulley.

5- Unscrew the pulley expander to remove the tool.

6- Rotate the driven pulley several times by hand to properly set the belt height between the sheaves. Consult your Ski-Doo Operator’s Guide for the proper belt height for your specific sled. In most cases, the valley of the bottom of the belt cogs should be even with the top edge of the pulley sheave.

WARNING: Never operate the engine without the belt securely installed or with side panels opened and removed.

7- With your new belt properly installed, place your tools securely back into their storage location in the left side panel. Reinstall the belt guard and retainer pin (if necessary) and resecure your left side panel.

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