Sympatex® is integrated into our premium deep snow and trail collections. The harder you ride, the harder Sympatex® riding gear works for you.

The Best Element-Proof Performance

The ultimate in all-day riding comfort and performance. Sympatex® is 100% waterproof, windproof and has best in class moisture management technology so you stay warm and dry all day long. Plus, it carries a lifetime warranty.


Stay dry.

Sympatex® is a high-performance nonporous membrane that completely seals out water and snow and keeps it where it belongs - on the outside.


Stay warm.

Fully sealed from the elements, Sympatex® keeps wind and air from passing through, allowing you to stay warm and comfortable all day long.


Stay comfortable.

As you ride, your body produces warm, moist air on the inside of your jacket and riding pants. Sympatex® uses the variation in temperature between the outside air and the air trapped inside your jacket to create a vacuum effect that promotes the movement of moisture from the inside to the outside through microscopic capillaries. The result: a dryer, more comfortable ride.


Stay longer.

Sympatex® riding gear features a lifetime warranty. The nonporous material eliminates membrane failure and it does not degrade over time from washing. In fact, washing in a washing machine enhances garment performance and helps extend the life of your jacket and pants.

3L Design

Max Mobility, Stretch and Comfort

The BC Aspect Collection is our all-new 3L pro series gear for mountain riding. Its 3-Layer Sympatex® design provides maximum stretch and the best fit in the industry for active riding.

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