What if your sled read the terrain better than you?

First of its kind

Smart-Shox – the industry’s first semi-active suspension system – consists of high-capacity exclusive KYB shocks and a sophisticated system of sensors and ECM software that instantly translate terrain, rider input and chassis behavior to provide the optimal ride in any riding conditions.

Big Bumps Be Gone

High-Capacity KYB Shocks

Smart-Shox actively reads shock position, chassis and throttle input to determine the precise amount of shock compression and rebound required to provide ultimate control and capability.

Ultimate Control

Total Confidence in Every Corner

Smart-Shox reads both shock position and throttle input to calibrate the KYB shocks in every riding scenario. No matter how hard you're cornering, the Smart-Shox system adjusts to eliminate body roll giving you ultimate confidence in every twist and turn.

Set Your Style

Three Driving Modes

Comfort, Sport and Sport + offer riders three ranges of suspension compliance. From a soft, ultra-cushy cruise to the ultimate anti-bottoming ride ready to take on roughest of trail moguls at any pace.

A Mode for Every Mood

Optimal possible comfort, may bottom

Optimal calibration (balance) for comfort, capacity and cornering. Identified as main mode used

Optimal feedback from trail, extreme bumps capacity

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