Exo Float

Keep Your Head Above Water

The Exo Float System helps you stay afloat and quickly escape frigid water in the event of an ice break emergency.
Floatation assistance is a mix of balancing science and comfort into one garment. In the case of a fall into a frozen body of water we researched to ensure the best tech to give you peace of mind when you hit the trails.

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Float Assist

Tested in the lab and in the field. Keep you above water for more than 30 minutes. This is not a personal flotation device.
- Safety point: We do not recommend riding on frozen water, but if ever you find yourself in this position, this is the jacket to wear.

Self Leveling

Strategically placed Exofloat Pannels help assist you in self leveling to the surface.
- Helps keep your head & shoulders above water.
- Vasa Jacket & Highpants needs to be wear together; VASA+ (NEW for 2024) can be wear alone.

Quick Drain

Once you've escaped the water, Mesh drainage to ensure you are not weighed down by the water that can inhibit exit. Seek shelter more easily, quicker drying once in a safe place.

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