Ice Fishing in Nunavut

Arctic Adventures With Ski-Doo

Join Inuit hunter Alex Flaherty and fishing guide Jay Siemens on an epic journey through Nunavut's challenging, icy terrain as Alex passes on traditional fishing skills to his community's younger generation.

This trip was the ride of a lifetime. - Jay Siemens

Into the Tundra

Nunavut is rich in rocky and ice-covered ground, making it the ultimate destination for thrilling winter journeys. Navigating ice caps, thick slush, frozen riverbeds and any terrain from the frosty tundra demands vehicles like Ski-Doo snowmobiles, sleds that can handle it all.

Getting Ready For the Epic Experience


Prepare yourself for your own winter rides with the Ski-Doo Expedition model, designed to excel in challenging Arctic conditions thanks to its 24-inch track, and LinQ cargo space accessories for multi-day riding.


From storage accessories and racks to helmets and jackets, we've got you and your ride covered. Enhance your Ski-Doo sled to keep spirits and thrills high on longer trips with parts, accessories and apparel that keep you warm and keep your snowmobile in mint condition.

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