Travis Rice

A maestro of winter terrain, Travis Rice’s connection with snow, and the adventures that go along with it, is generations in the making. His desire to pursue new, innovative ways to reach unexplored winter landscapes make him an ideal fit for the Ski-Doo Ambassador Team.

Hometown: Hoback, Wyoming

Current Sleds: Summit X with Expert Package

Favorite type of terrain to ride: Thick snowpack. We’re talking coastal coverage with pillows, spines and spackled terrain. Always looking for geological oddities to play with, the weirder the better!

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What does That Ski-Doo Feeling mean to you?

Freedom! I love riding on a deep pow day, feels like nothing else compares!

What are your interests and hobbies outside of snowmobiling?

Snowboarding, art, fashion design, cooking, yoga

How long have you been riding snowmobiles?

I have been riding and learning for about 24 years

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had on a sled?

I feel like every year I have a ‘best day ever’ on the sled. Those days where it is deep, stable and you have a group of fellow riders that can go anywhere and have each other’s back. The machines are purring and it’s a fluid, cushioned, press up to elevation, greeting the morning sunup on top of the destination. That is living.


What motivates you to be an Ambassador?

20 years ago, I took my X-Games winnings and invested in myself in the form of a new snowmobile purchase, a Summit 800. This iron horse has been a staple of how I get to work in the mountains. The snowmobile has been such an essential tool for most any backcountry aficionado and with how incredible they continue to become; these dream machines are a joy for not just transportation and accessibly. There are plenty of days where the ride out and back are better than the snowboarding I do in between. I am thrilled to be an ambassador as I both continue to have opinions on how these machines can be improved for the specific use case I prefer, while also believing that Ski-Doo specifically will continue to be on the cutting edge of what the future holds for improvements and radical upgrades to the platform! I want to be a part of this and am honored to be a part of such a progressive brand.



What is your must-have item or accessory for every ride?

A thermos of soup or hot beverage.

What’s your favorite meal on a sled?

Hot Dogger heated burritos!

What do you love about BRP?

That somehow, it just keeps getting better and better! From sleds to side-by-sides to Sea-Doo watercraft. It gives unbridled access to play and work immersed in the wildest conditions.

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