Tiffanie Hoops

To put it plainly, Tiffanie Hoops just can’t sit still. Just a few minutes spent with her and you’ll quickly realize the next adventure isn’t far away. When you get an out-of-office reply from her, you can safely assume she’s behind the handlebars or wheel of a high-horsepower adventure.

Hometown: Lake City, Minnesota

Current Sled: 2022 MXZ Sport 600 EFI and a 2023 Summit X with Expert Package 154 850 E-TEC

Favorite type of terrain to ride: Does terrain with no tree stumps or rocks count as a style of terrain? In all seriousness, my favorite style of terrain to ride would be a curvy trail through the woods that feels as smooth as butter or a freshly snow-nuked meadow looking for someone to do pow turns and wheelies for hours.

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What does That Ski-Doo Feeling mean to you?

That Ski-Doo Feeling ‘hits’ for me when the sled and myself feel like we have become one. Some find a significant other for this, while others find it on a snowmobile… lucky are those who find it in both! It is when you can effortlessly maneuver the snowmobile in a way that it moves with you, not against you.

What’s your “regular” job?

Human resources for a dealership in the marine and powersport industry.

How long have you been riding snowmobiles?

In true Minnesotan fashion, my family and I rode two-up nearly every weekend the trail systems were open when I was a kid. There were a handful of seasons that I had zero seat time, but as soon as adulthood came around there was no doubt in my mind, I was going to always own a snowmobile of my own. Two seasons ago I was able to experience backcountry riding. I still utterly enjoy both styles of riding but based on where I live I have much more seat time on the trails.

What are your interests and hobbies outside of snowmobiling?

If there is a phobia of staying home, I am self-diagnosing myself. I am always looking for the next adventure. In the summer you can find me with my family on the Mississippi River popping water wheelies on a Sea-Doo Spark Trixx, behind the wheel or working at a demolition derby or autocross race. In the Spring and Fall you’ll find me rippin’ a Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo RR. Throw in a family tradition of whitetail deer and black bear hunting season, too.


What motivates you to be an Ambassador?

The simple, sweet answer is to encourage less screen time and more seat time. I don’t care what generation you are in; we all need to be reminded of this. Snowmobiling is heck of a lot of fun, so why not get others excited about it!

The ‘from the heart’ answer: I would say it is the distractions of the world we live in nowadays, is what motivates me to be a sound role model that inspires others to get outside and create real life experiences. As an ambassador, it is my privilege and passion to spread the journey first and foremost as a rider, but also to shed light on as many facets of an industry that bring us all together. I am not quite sure where I heard this quote, but it has always resonated with me: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”



What is your favorite Ski-Doo model of all time?

I might have to go with any model that has the X-RS package. The combination of the absorption in the suspension with the comfort seat makes any trail riding day seem a little bit shorter or feel like a few less miles on my body.

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had on a sled?

It would have to be the Christmas/New Year’s family trail riding trip in Island Park last year. Leading up to the trip there was zero snow on the ground. When we arrived, a snow-storm that was forecasted to produce just a dusting literally closed all entrances to the area. We were pounded with snow: every rider’s dream! The trails we rode were untouched, with snow coming over the hood. Smiles for miles!

My most embarrassing moment on a sled is?

There was a morning that I had my entire snowmobile tore down trying to figure out why it wouldn’t start…come to find out I had grabbed my Can-Am Maverick X3 key by mistake. Note to self: never add a tether to your UTV key unless you label it!

What is your must-have item or accessory for every ride?

A must-have on every trail ride for me would have to be a set of handguards and/or muffs. I’m not going to sugar-coat it. My hands are freeze babies and any bit of wind blockage I can get, sign me up.

What’s your favorite meal on a sled?

Pond’s Lodge in Island Park has to be my all-time favorite place to stop for hot chocolate and pizza.

What do you love about BRP?

The togetherness and common goal to create emotional experiences. I love BRP’s passion to enable people in all walks of life to experience what it means to feel alive in the great outdoors, all year round.

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