Steve Martin

Hometown : Evanston, Wyo.

Current sleds : 2023 Summit X with Expert Package 154 850 E-TEC Turbo R

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I grew up racing motocross, but now I just ride single track for fun (too many injuries). My family and I spend nearly every weekend camping in the mountains and riding our Can-Am X3. I ride my mountain bike every day if there isn’t snow on the ground. I love fitness. I’m in the gym at least four days a week. My kids are getting really good on their little mountain bikes, and they ride with me almost every day in the summer. We love enjoying the great outdoors. 


Backcountry, deep snow.

Normal Job

I am a gas plant operator. I work at a natural gas processing plant where we remove liquids and sulfur dioxide from the raw gas stream and send it down the pipeline for use in homes.

Most fun on a sled ever

I live for snowmobiling. I ride with a purpose: to boldly go where no snowmobile has gone before. Ski-Doo continues to lead the industry with innovation, truly unlocking new areas, which were previously unreachable. When I ride a Ski-Doo snowmobile, I can tell everyone that had a hand in everything from designing, to delivery of that unit, is just as passionate about snowmobiling as I am, and the product reflects that. 

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