Stefanie Dean

Hometown : Coalville, Utah

Current sleds : 2023 Summit X with Expert Package 165 850 E-TEC Turbo R

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Aside from working with horses, I love training my dogs for sheep and cattle herding. I have competed in herding trials since the age of 12 and just like my other passions, the learning opportunities are endless when training dogs. I also love spending time at the lake, both going boating and stand up paddle boarding. 


Backcountry. I’m loving playing in more technical areas with natural features and drainages as my skills increase.

Normal Job

You gotta pay to play and I like to play a lot, so I work multiple jobs to keep me doing what I love. Year round, I school horses and teach horseback riding lessons. In the summer I am busy as the Program Director of a summer camp for kids. The horses are a huge part of teaching the kids important values such as responsibility, leadership, and teamwork as they work and play on the ranch. I also help my dad’s business with management and marketing. Last, but certainly not least, I am a part-time guide for Tracked Out Adventures in the winter.       

Most fun on a sled ever

That Ski-Doo Feeling to me means pushing myself to be better. I love the endless opportunities for learning in this sport. My best days on a snowmobile are the ones when I am exhausted and my limits have been fully pushed, both mentally and physically. Not only does this make me feel like I accomplished a lot that day, but it gets me so excited because I know that when I get on my snowmobile for the next ride, I am going to be that much better.

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