Nadine Overwater

Her passion for the ride is tough to match. With a saying like, “Shred til you’re dead,” woven into her personality, it’s easy to see why. When you grow up in the shadows of the Canadian Rocky Mountains like Nadine Overwater, it just makes sense. When she’s not out exploring the mountains via sled or mountain bike, she’s off fighting wildfires and indulging her tastebuds as a self-appointed foodie. If you’re lucky enough to spend any amount of time with Ambassador Nadine Overwater, you’re guaranteed two things: 1- You’ll learn something. 2 – You’ll enjoy every second of it. Get to know Nadine a little better.

Hometown : Grew up in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. I’ve lived in Revelstoke, BC for the last 15 years.

Current sleds : 2023 Summit X with Expert Package 165 850 E-TEC Turbo R

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Favorite type of terrain to ride

I like "featury" terrain - if that's a thing. Obviously, it is always very weather dependent here in Revy, but if there is lots of variety, then I am into it! Little side hits and poppers and weird little re-entry or wheelie hits always makes the day more fun!

What’s your “regular” job?

I'm a forester. I own a wildfire fighting company and do other various forestry consulting.

Interests and hobbies outside of snowmobiling

Mountain biking and food

What does That Ski-Doo Feeling mean to you?

Those moments away from the "real life" thoughts that are infecting us all day every day. The ability and gratitude that my machine allows me to disconnect from the rat race so easily and quickly.

Favorite Ski-Doo model of all time

So far, I have been really happy with the expert edition

How long have you been riding snowmobiles?

Since I could walk! We were very lucky kids and always had toys to go ditch banging and drive the neighbors crazy.

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had on a sled?

Who in the world can pinpoint this one moment? To be honest it’s those low-pressure days when I am not trying to chase Rob Alford up some god-forsaken gully into some "new zone." When I am out riding with less experienced friends and can enjoy the simple things.

My most embarrassing moment on a sled is…

I don't think I have had one - sorry. At least nothing I’m willing to publicly admit ;)



What motivates you to be an Ambassador?

Being a role model to the younger generation is very rewarding for obvious reasons - show them what is possible and try and steer them away from the unhealthy stigma of "physical beauty". It's also very rewarding to be able to be a role model to older women as well - show them what is possible - but on a different level... if we take care of our bodies and health, we don't ever have to stop shredding (until your dead, then it's over). I guess that's why we say, "Shred til you’re dead!”



My guilty pleasure is…

I love a good cocktail after a hard day of riding.

One must-have item or accessory for every ride?


What’s your favorite meal on a sled (trail stop, muff pot recipe, etc.)?

Can't beat the old side panel panini press grilled cheese

Current SHV (Sled Hauling Vehicle)

Toyota Tundra with a custom-built flat deck

Favorite season

All of them!! That's why I love Canada :)

Favorite food


Dream travel destination

This is constantly changing - currently Greenland.

What do you love about BRP?

I love how much effort they put into their R&D and how they are continually advancing their machines and making them better. I love that they are manufactured in North America. I love that they make all kinds of toys for all kinds of seasons.


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