Lisa Granden

Hometown : Stanley, Idaho

Current sleds : 2023 Summit X with Expert Package 165 850 E-TEC Turbo R

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Favorite type of terrain to ride

There’s a zone in Idaho that has an endless number of timbered gullies, rallying up one after another in perfect powder is one of my favorite days. The timber in my home terrain is tight, and it’s fun to see how technical of a line I can manage. I also love playful terrain with jumps and pillows on those insanely deep powder rides where I can hold it wide open all day and just pop off every bump. I’m always searching for the deepest powder.

What’s your “regular” job?

 In the winter I’m a snowmobile guide and teach women’s clinics. This summer I’m working as a guide on Sea-Doo glacier tours in Alaska, and operating heavy equipment falling and processing timber on forestry projects in Idaho.

Interests and hobbies outside of snowmobiling

 I love everything with a throttle, Ca-Am vehicles, Sea Doo watercraft, motorcycles; and also enjoy hiking, climbing, backpacking, road trips, anything on the water or that keeps me outside. I’ve always had a passion for photography, and have spent much of my life working with horses.

What does That Ski-Doo Feeling mean to you?

It’s that euphoria of being on the mountain with my favorite people, having fresh powder and sunshine and pushing our limits. It’s being immersed in nature, and how the busyness of life and the world tunes out the second I hit that throttle. It’s the effortless flow of my machine floating through a field of sparkles, feeling truly free and fully alive.

Favorite Ski-Doo model of all time

They all have a special place in my evolution as a rider, but I love the Expert package on the Turbo. It really shines in technical terrain.

How long have you been riding snowmobiles?

My first Ski-Doo was a 440 when I was about 5. When I wasn’t riding it I was getting towed on a kids sled behind it. I’ve been backcountry riding for 16 years now after getting a 2007 Ski-Doo 600 144 as my first mountain sled.

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had on a sled?

That’s a tough one, but one day stands out as being the funniest. A friend and I had these turtle costumes, with a head piece that fit over our helmets. We were riding around, even doubling squirrel style, doing tricks and following each other, laughing so hard we could barely stay on our sleds. Most ridiculously entertaining day ever.

My most embarrassing moment on a sled is…

I’m sure there are many but there’s a favorite among my friends. We were all gathered in the last meadow before dropping out of the zone to head home. I saw a jump and just went for it without really thinking how tired I was or that the light was gone, and misjudged the tree in the landing relative to the crooked angle of the lip. I hit it, and although my sled knocked it down I scorpioned over the front, got ran over by my sled, lost the hood and set the parking brake all in a split second.


What motivates you to be an Ambassador?

When I started riding there weren’t many women involved. I was hooked immediately and determined to learn, even though it came with a lot of struggle and wrecked sleds. I read online forums to study riding technique and slowly found more people to take me. I’ve since helped a lot of new riders, and have co-hosted a ladies ride for 5 years. When I can support another rider that is eager to learn, it makes the effort even more worthwhile. Snowmobiling is a great way for women to build confidence and create friendships. It helps us focus on what is meaningful, and I want to inspire others to follow their own adventure.



My guilty pleasure is…

Gummy Bears, the really good organic ones.

One must-have item or accessory for every ride?

A battery pack and cords to recharge phones, garmin, radio, etc. Absolutely necessary if you spend a night out performing a rescue or have an incident and need hours of communication with SAR. I always carry at least a 20,000 MAH battery and it’s been so crucial at times, along with always having gear to survive a night out.

What’s your favorite meal on a sled (trail stop, muff pot recipe, etc.)?

Ski-Doo panini for sure! I love havarti and turkey grilled until I smell melted cheese. Follow this up with panini apple pie and you’ve got a 5 star meal.

Current SHV (Sled Hauling Vehicle)

 2014 Ram 1500 that’s getting upgraded to a Cummins 3500

Favorite pro sports team

I don’t follow sports that I’m not involved in, so I’d have to say my sled crew.

Favorite season

The white one of course! Although summertime in the Sawtooths is tough to beat, I live for powder.

Favorite food

I never get tired of tacos or homemade pizza. There’s so many options.

Dream travel destination

I’m constantly adding to the list, but that incredible Japan powder with a Ski-Doo turbo looks like heaven.

What do you love about BRP?

BRP is continually pushing boundaries of what can be created in the powersports world, and dedicated to making the best experience possible for every rider. I love how the machines feel intuitive to ride and the people are unique and passionate about life.

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