Charles Gagné

Hometown : La Baie, Saguenay

Current sleds :  2023 Summit X with Expert Package 154 850 E-TEC Turbo R

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Originally from Saguenay, Quebec, outdoor activities have always been a huge part of my life. As far as I remember I've always had this natural attraction for powersports – especially snowmobiling. I love riding and pushing all sorts of off-road vehicles. My second love is food. I love pretty much anything that relates to the art of cooking and flavors. I cook a lot and absolutely love to do it for people I care about. Over the past three years I've discovered mountain biking and I'm spending a lot of time riding during the summer... Oh yeah, and I also like to hang out in the shop fixing or working on off-road vehicles.


I mostly ride Mont Valin, Québec, Charlevoix and Gaspésie. Québec province is a very large territory and I'm the type of rider that always make the best out of the day no matter what the riding conditions are.


I absolutely love the Sympatex Helium 30 jacket and highpants combo. It's very light, the fit is just perfect, and it keeps me dry. I'm a little rough on gear though.

Normal Job

Account Manager in the HVAC industry

Most fun on a sled ever

Most fun on a sled happens every winter year after year when I get to improve on something that I've been trying or practicing.

That one aspect that I love the most about sledding is that quality time you spend with friends out in the backcountry.


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