Advex Helmet

Meet the All-New Advex Helmet

Designed with first-of-its-kind features and proven high-tech protection, the Advex Helmet delivers the ultimate experience for active riders who demand premium comfort and performance from their gear.

Jet Style

Innovative Jet style full-face opening allows quick access for sips of water and unmuffled conversation.

Chat and Listen

The first helmet designed to readily integrate with the Vibe Communication System from BRP giving you a direct line to your riding companions.

Keep the Cold Out

Integrated chin curtain reduces cold air and wind intrusion for maximum comfort at any speed.

Advanced M-Forge Protection

Lightweight M-Forge composite shell provides superior impact-disbursing qualities to give riders exceptional protection and less rider fatigue.

Fog-free Experience

Adjustable vents and mask system design enables riders to control internal helmet temps and ride fog-free. Advex Radiant models feature a heated shield for clear vision in any temps.

Quiet Ride

Enjoy the ride in peace thanks to noise-cancelling ear pads. Readily accepts helmet comms speakers.

Direct Line

Seamless integration into the Advex Helmet

Vibe Communication System by BRP

Built with winter in mind, proven to provide up to 8 hours crystal clear rider-to-rider communication with up to 24 of your friends at -18C / 0F. Compatible with all SENA devices using Mesh 2.0 technology.

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    Advex Sport

    Superior M-Forge protection in an adaptable jet-style design. Dual lens anti-fog visor with adjustable vents for maximum rider comfort and clear field of vision.

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    Advex Sport Radiant

    Versatile heated protection for active riders. Amplified heated visor and heated sun visor garage ensures fog-free vision and comfort in any light. Powered by eLinQ magnetic connection.

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    Ski-Doo Advex Sport Radiant

    All the incredible features of the industry's leading heated helmet for active riders wrapped in legendary Ski-Doo colors and style.

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