Behind the handlebars with Chicks & Machines

Snow is one of Mother Nature’s great equalizers. It doesn’t matter if it’s ripping down a rutted up trail, conquering a steep chute or fighting the terrain of the backcountry, the snow challenges every rider the same.

We are so excited to see more and more female riders experiencing thrills, freedom and fun found through snowmobiling - but we want to see more! So, we say, “Open the floodgates!” Whether you’re an experienced rider or new to the sport, we want to see more of your tracks on the trails and in the backcountry, and we’re committed to helping you do just that.

Our friends at Chicks and Machines encourage women of all backgrounds to explore the amazing adventures and camaraderie powersports can provide. With both the same objective in mind, bringing more women into our sports, we’ve teamed up to work on a special project. From basic tips to endless laughter, nothing beats the joy of women pushing each other limits while having a blast doing it.

You see, by supporting female riding initiatives that are designed to empower, educate and invite women to get out on the snow, we’re setting our sights on the imbalance that exists in snowmobile ridership. There’s no doubt it will be a rough trail to ride at times with many steep climbs ahead, but we’re riding along with you and the snow is looking fresh!

How it’s done in the trails

Watch Syncia teach Emilie the twists and turns of riding a snowmobile in the trails. And it didn’t take her long to get comfortable!

Backcountry riding - the basics

After their adventures on trail, our two ladies took the opportunity to explore what deep snow off-trail riding is all about. Check out this ride that’s sure to inspire!

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