Best Places to Snowmobile in North America

Canada's best snowmobile destinations

From your own backyard to the Atlantic Coast and the mountains of British Columbia, our homeland of Canada holds some of snowmobiling's most breathtaking riding locations. With world-renowned POW and epic elevations in western Canada and "Lake Effect" winters around the great lakes—wherever there’s snow, you'll find That Ski-Doo Feeling. Explore these destinations approved by Ski-Doo Brand Ambassadors throughout the "Great White North" and add them to your bucket list. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are thousands of amazing Canadian snowscapes waiting for your tracks. Check out #ThatSkiDooFeeling on social media to see where riders like you are discovering the spectacular riding Canada has to offer from coast to coast.

Sicamous and Revelstoke, British Columbia

We’ll start with a two-for-one! The towns of Sicamous and Revelstoke are separated by just a couple hours and are synonymous with deep-snow snowmobiling. In either location you’ll find world class powder riding at some relatively lower elevations than many other deep snow mountain riding locations. That means more oxygen for riders and sled engines to perform at their best.

These two should be near the top of any snowmobiling bucket list, as the quality of the snow and scenery is second to none. The area is also home to the renowned Carl Kuster Mountain Park that offers 5-star deep-snow adventures, plus lodging and meals to match. The area is home to some of the most spectacular powdery winter playgrounds you’ll ever lay eyes on.

Squamish and Pemberton, British Columbia

Head farther west in the province of British Columbia and you’ll find the Pemberton Ice Fields with scenic views of the Coastal Mountains, acres upon acres of untracked snow, and riding suitable for any experience level.
“Personally, I would not trade my backyard of the Sea 2 Sky Corridor in B.C. for anywhere else in the world… pretty much anywhere in B.C. Yea, we got it good!” – Dave Norona

Mont Valin, Quebec

Found in the Saguenay–Lac-St-Jean Region of Quebec, Mont Valin is just a quick three hours from Quebec City. The rocky terrain in central Quebec, Monts Valin creates a wide variety of elevation that delivers spectacular views of the province’s natural beauty from altitudes of more than 900 meters (9,800 feet). Popular trail treks include the Summit Circuit – a series of five peaks with postcard-worthy scenery if you time it right between the snow storms.

“The perfect combo of off-trail deep snow andan incredible on-trail network. Best snow in Quebec. Accommodations are widely available serving as a hub for many destinations.” -Charles Gagné

Chic-Choc Mountains & Gaspé, Quebec

One look at the Chic Choc Mountains and you’ll swear you’re in the mountains of Colorado or British Columbia, but you’re actually sitting in the central part of the Gaspe Peninsula in eastern Quebec. Part of the Notre Dame Mountains – the northern most of the Appalachian Mountains – the Chic Chocs have become a snow lover’s paradise of the East. Rising 4,000 feet above the St. Lawrence River, these mountains are packed with over-the-hood snow all winter with steep terrain deep-snow riders love. For those who lean more towards the trails, groomed pathways outline the entire peninsula taking snowmobilers to quaint seaside towns that resemble the small fishing villages of Scandinavia. With hospitality that matches the magnificent riding, this is one location that deserves to be on your snowmobile bucket list.

Muskoka, Ontario

You can’t talk snowmobiling in Ontario without mentioning the Muskoka region. It’s been a dream trail riding destination for snowmobilers from both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border for decades, and for good reason. It’s one of Ontario’s premium vacation destinations with its lakes and cottages in the summer, but it transforms into a haven for snow lovers during the winter months. The snowfalls are plentiful in the area – situated just east of Lake Huron’s Georgian Bay – thanks to the famous “Lake Effect” dropping 336 cm (11 feet) of white gold annually. Nearly 1,000 miles of snowmobile trails traverse through forested, rolling hills with scenic views of the areas many lakes. Riders will enjoy a wide variety of trails, from tight wooded tacks to wide open logging roads, all immaculately maintained by the 11 area snowmobile clubs. And it’s all just a little over 2 hours from Toronto.

Don't Miss: “R.A.P Tour” - "The R.A.P tour is a few day trip that goes around Ontario’s Algonquin park. It’s great for all skill levels. You can take your time and do it over a few days or push it and do it in 2 days or less! The scenery changes drastically as you cover different areas of the province. From tight woods in the Muskoka’s or fast and smooth as you get to the “A” trail. Plenty of great food stops and awesome places to stay!" - Corey Jinks


McBride, British Columbia

Tucked in the Robson Valley between the Canadian Rocky Mountains and the Cariboo Mountain Range sits the Village of McBride, B.C. Its location has made it world famous for snowmobiling with a mix of farmland in the valley and forested alpine terrain creating an inspiring combination of terrain to discover. Part of the beauty of the area is how family-friendly the riding is. Areas like Bell Mountain provide well-groomed trails with warming shelters and powder-filled meadows for riders young and old to enjoy. Riders can push their limits as much as they’d like as the terrain gradually gets steeper and more technical as you climb through the area’s many scenic peaks. The McBride area also boasts some of the best sled-skiing in the world and the hospitality of the people is also world-class.

Sled Tip: Avalanche safety training is a must if you’re riding in McBride. Be sure to have your beacon, probe and shovel along on every ride and know how to use each effectively.

Sea to Sky Corridor, British Columbia

Easily one of those snowmobile riding locations that has the ability to leave you in true awe of Mother Nature's beauty, the Sea-to-Sky Corridor in western British Columbia is hands down a must-do for deep snow riders. It also happens to be the backyard of Ski-Doo Ambassador Dave Norona. Here's his take on what makes the area so special:

"The coastal sledding in the Sea-to-Sky corridor of Squamish-Whistler and Pemberton is something every rider needs to experience, what it lacks in ice cold angel dust powder it more than makes up for with insane deep snow that can literally erase your previous day's track overnight! Brandywine is the largest access point that allows you to access awesome tree riding and open glaciers just 30 minutes from your truck! The Pemberton Glacier is also easily accessible, however, both areas require knowledgeable glacier travel to avoid crevasses and other hazards, so be sure you check it out with a knowledgeable guide. Cheers, Dave

Golden Triangle, Alberta

With thousands of kilometers of groomed trails, Alberta offers more than enough opportunities for winter enthusiasts to get their snowmobile fill. One the regions most recommended in this interior province is the Golden Triangle just a two-hour drive from Edmonton. Encompassing the communities of Swan Hills, Fox Creek and Whitecourt, this 350-km trail trek offers varied terrain with club-maintained shelters along the way if you need a quick warm up. The spread out nature of the communities means you may be covering more than 100 km between towns, so extra fuel is highly recommended. That same characteristic also means trail traffic is often on the light side making a ride here feel like a true winter escape. Many riders choose to tackle the Triangle in 2-3 days, but it all depends on how much you want to indulge in the amazing sights.


Best Snowmobile Destinations in the United States

Looking for that next destination to add to your snowmobile bucket list? Whether you're chasing the lastest snow dump in the American Rockies, looking for the best groomed trails of the Midwest or exploring the epic terrain of the East Coast, these are a few of our favorite U.S.-based snowmobile destinations.

West Yellowstone, Montana

Between the hospitality of the local people and the town, there’s no more welcoming place for snowmobilers. Every type of riding is available from trails to treelined sidehills. Snow usually arrives early and stays late for a long riding season.

One of the most iconic areas in the world with both deep snow and trail riding with great hospitality for sledders.


Grand Lake, Colorado

Situated at the edge of Rocky Mountain National Park in northern Colorado, Grand Lake is another area that offers a wide variety of riding with a well-maintained trail system, and plenty of opportunities for powder play in designated areas.
“The best powder I've ever experienced is in Colorado. Its dry, fluffy and there is nothing quite like it.” – Jeremy Mercier

Island Park, Idaho

This location earns high praise from Ski-Doo Backcountry Experts because of its diverse, technical terrain. Powder-filled gullies and epic tree riding are common themes of most days in the Island Park snow!

Alpine, Jackson, or Togwotee, Wyoming

Three for the price of one here! Check any snowmobile media, and you’ll likely find one or all three of these locations mentioned as top mountain riding destinations. All within two hours of each other, these three places offer some of the best snow conditions you’ll find anywhere.

Eagle River + St. Germain, Wisconsin

Wisconsin is home to 25,000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails. Each area is dotted with friendly towns welcoming snowmobilers of all types with amazing scenery and fine eateries specializing in their own local traditional fare (Hint: The Friday night Wisconsin fish fry is a must!). The home of the Snowmobile Hall of Fame, the legendary Eagle River Derby oval track and immaculately groomed trails, Eagle River and St. Germain, Wisconsin belong at the top of any snowmobilers list.

“A great trail system with wonderful hospitality infrastructure and a historic snowmobiling town filled with museums.” -Troy Oleson, Ski-Doo Ambassador

Garden City, Utah

On the western shores of Bear Lake that straddles the Utah-Idaho border, Garden City offers access to some of the West's most inspiring terrain. Just a little more than 2 hours from Salt Lake City, the area is stocked with sled rentals and adventure outfitters to suit your taste. The pure variety of available riding right out your backdoor is what is truly amazing. Explore hundreds of miles of trails, access untouched meadows of fresh powder, or push yourself to the limit with steep climbs and technical mountain terrain - it's all here in Garden City.

Aroostook County, Maine

Maine's northernmost county is something to behold any season of the year, but winter is where this magical place really ignites your passion to explore. Aroostook County, Maine is no stranger to a top-5 ranking in "Best Places to Ride" lists. Most of the 2,300 miles of snowmobile trails in the northern Maine are accessed directly from the parking lot of wherever you choose to stay. You'll experience wide open stretches of fields, twisting tree-lined forests and majestic views perched atop Mt. Katahdin. It's one location that leaves you wanting more after every visit.

Valdez, Alaska

Indescribable beauty is synonymous with Alaskan winters. The sheer beauty is simply awe-inspiring. The variety of terrain available is equally inspiring. From riding beautiful valley trails to exploring lakes covered in neck-deep powder to the challenging climbs and views from Thompson Pass that will leave you speechless, it's a place nowhere else in the world compares to. And the late-season riding (think May into June) makes it all the more appealing to true snowmobile enthusiasts.

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