5 cool things About Ski-Doo

Since the advent of motorized over-the-snow travel by Ski-Doo founder J.A. Bombardier, the Ski-Doo brand has been committed to one thing: Providing winter enthusiasts around the world with the best ride on snow

We understand you live for the ride because we’re cut from the same cloth. No matter your preferred terrain, riding style or experience, we are committed to giving our riders the very best experience on snow. From industry-defining sleds to world-class riding gear and accessories to investing in the larger community of riders, we stop at nothing to help you create the most epic winter possible.


Innovation that Excites

Innovation that Excites Every ride has the potential to be indescribably epic. We call it, “That Ski-Doo Feeling.” Our goal is to help you find it – however you define it – through industry-leading innovation that’s at the core of every Ski-Doo snowmobile. BRP Rotax engines is just one way Ski-Doo snowmobiles do that.

With the introduction of the Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R with Water Injection System, BRP power and innovation are on full display on the trail with 180 HP. With the incredibly responsive Rotax 850 E-TEC Turbo R and 600R 2-stroke snowmobiles, and the ultra-efficient 900 ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) and 900 ACE Turbo R 4-strokes, Ski-Doo snowmobiles deliver inspiring power in every segment. It creates a ride that’s addictive in nature – an experience you’ll want to live over and over again.



Fearless Design

One of the many advantages in having Ski-Doo engineers working hand-in-hand with the engineering teams at Rotax is the ability to design together. The result: Snowmobiles that have redefined the sport several times over. Each time, from the first Ski-Doo to the original REV rider-forward platform to today’s REV Gen5 platform, the question to be answered was, “How can we make a machine that works better for the rider?”

That outside-the-box freedom and putting the rider at the center of everything enables Ski-Doo to take a zero-compromise approach, and fine tune any detail in the quest to find the perfect ride. From engine position to rider position to battery-less starting systems to tone of the exhaust note – we stop at nothing to provide riders the premiere experience on snow.


LinQ and Go

For many companies, being recognized as an industry’s leading brand is the ultimate goal. For Ski-Doo, that’s not enough. Giving riders the ability to take their ride further than they ever thought possible is what drove us to create the LinQ accessory system.

This ingenious toolless accessory system allows riders to adapt their ride quickly and easily – making their sleds more versatile and providing more choices for how they experience each day on the snow. Riders can add storage, carry extra fuel or tools for work and add a 2-up seat with the simple flip of a lever. Having extra essentials, fuel and the ability to adapt means more time on the snow, and more memories made.

Better Rides, Better Gear

The opportunity to create the world’s best ride goes beyond the sleds. Riders want to be comfortable and clearly see the beautiful winter landscape.

This is where Ski-Doo helmets and riding gear have continued to innovate and set the bar for the premiere riding experience season after season. When no one else had an answer to clear vision the Ski-Doo team tackled it by debuting the industry’s first modular helmet, then the fog-free ride of the BV2S helmet, and now the game-changing OXYGEN helmet that gives riders more vision, better protection, and a lighter, more comfortable ride. That same commitment to the perfect ride can be found throughout the Ski-Doo Apparel lineup.

We search the world over for the most advanced materials and processes that will allow our riders to focus on one thing – enjoying the ride. We pair that with intuitive design that focuses on every detail. From zippers to pocket location to the perfect cut for ultimate comfort and function, there truly is no stopping our pursuit of the perfect ride.


Blazing the Snowmobile Trail

Joseph-Armand Bombardier’s earliest iterations of a snowmobile were built for solving transportation problems like helping doctors make house calls and getting children to school. It wouldn’t take long for the recreational aspect of snowmobiling to capture people’s interest, and in the 1970s Ski-Doo would be at the forefront of another industry-shaping innovation.

In order for riders to enjoy the sport of snowmobiling to its fullest, they needed a place and a reason to ride. With the idea of providing a winter experience unlike anything the world had seen before, Ski-Doo became the driving force behind “SnoPlan” – the first interconnected snowmobile trail system. That idea to connect communities of snowmobile enthusiasts with an established trail system opened the floodgates to a new way to enjoy winter. Suddenly, there were new areas to explore, places to visit and memories to be made. Today, there are around 230,000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in North America waiting to show riders everything winter has to offer.

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