2023 Apparel

Maximize the winter fun

Don’t waste an inch of white powder this winter. With new helmets, pants, jackets, gloves and much more, our 2023 riding gear collection is made for the trails, the mountains and everything in between.

The BC Series

Inspired by British Columbia’s backcountry, built beyond convention.

Born and bred for the deep snow experience, our BC Series features tech-driven gear tested in the most extreme and legendary environments of British Columbia—the mecca of big mountain riding for snowmobilers from all around the North American snowbelt.

Pyra Helmet

Lightweight, protective and high Performance

Pyra is designed for mountain riders who start and end their days in the dark, and don't slow down anytime in between.

Exome Helmet

Enhanced comfort, functionality, and style

The Exome Helmet has a modular design and features a removable magnetic mask system for a fog-free riding experience. Step up to Exome Sport Helmet and add a removable peak and optional heated face shield.

Active Trail Riding

Designed for the performance trail rider

Active trail riders need outerwear and layers with the right balance of warmth, durability, and flexibility. Our new collection has it all.

Ultimate Trail Warmth

Keep the elements at bay

Guarantee a warm and comfortable riding experience at any speed with our new collection of performance touring trail gear.

Fresh Tracks

by Ski-Doo