What type of gas should I put in my Ski‑Doo?

On the gap cap of each Ski-Doo snowmobile you will find the recommended type of fuel for that specific snowmobile. Generally, you will not damage your sled by using readily-available automotive fuel as long as it is of at least 87-octane and does not contain more than 10% ethanol.

Avoid using E-15 or E-85 as they will damage the engine of any recreational vehicle. That said, many high-performance snowmobiles specify the use of 91-octane non-oxygenated fuel for best performance. Generally, the use of oxygenated fuel is not a problem but leaving this fuel in the machine for more than 30 days can create a problem. Make it a practice, try to only use the fuel specified on the fuel cap of the machine, but occasional use of the automotive 87-octane fuel is not going to cause damage, it just reduces performance.

As a rule try to use the higher-octane fuel and non-oxygenated (non-ethanol) to meet the requirements on the fuel cap.

Tips for fueling your sled:

  • It is always a good idea to stand while fueling your sled. Since the fuel tank is located under the seat of the snowmobile you do not want to be sitting on the sled or applying any pressure to the seat while adding fuel. This will prevent pushing fuel out of the tank, and from getting fuel on you or a passenger!

  • It is best to not use the locking device on the fuel pump handle as you would with a car or truck. Instead, control the fuel filling with your hand directly. Do not let the weight of the hose pull on the filler nozzle placing stress on the neck of the gas tank.

  • Add fuel carefully and slowly as it starts to approach being full. Never add more fuel than up to the bottom of the filler neck. Fuel, as a liquid, expands with a rise in temperature. The snowmobile fuel tank is designed with extra air space inside to allow for this expansion in volume. Do not “top off” the tank and fill this safety airspace. Also, do not completely fill a fuel tank and then place the sled in a warm garage as the cold fuel will expand as it warms up, which could cause an over-full condition.

  • Your Ski-Doo has been designed with a drain area around the fuel cap to direct small amounts of spilled fuel, but it is always best to be very careful to not allow any spillage to occur! In the case of fuel spillage, wipe the excess fuel off of the sled surfaces with a rag or towel to prevent damage to the finish of the machine. Be sure to clean the affected surface when back home to remove any residual dried fuel from the painted or colored surfaces of the sled.

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