Sea to Sky Ski-Doo Adventure

Pushing the limits in British Columbia

As one of the most accomplished female snowmobilers, Ella Snäll has little to prove to anyone except herself. With the help of Cody McNolty, she puts herself to the test in the unforgiving terrain of B.C.

I can’t believe that I’m here and seeing all of this with my own eyes. It feels pretty unreal but it’s amazing here and I love it! - Ella Snäll

Taking on BC

The Sea to Sky Corridor in British Columbia is a showcase of Mother Nature’s majesty. It’s more than a “bucket list” item, it’s Heaven on Earth for any outdoors enthusiast. It’s also considered one of the world’s premier destinations in all of snowmobiling. As you head east from the Pacific shoreline, mountain peaks rise above the clouds at stomach-twisting heights. Massive amounts of snow make the terrain relentless. The challenges can be immense, but the rewards are unlike anything you’ve ever known. For Swedish Ski-Doo ambassador Ella Snäll, it’s the perfect place to find out just how far she can push herself and conquer her own personal fears. Luckily for her, it also just happens to be fellow ambassador Cody McNolty’s backyard.


The preparation

After months of planning, it was finally time for Ella to pack her bags and leave her Scandinavian homeland for a truly epic experience. With 15 hours of flight time behind her, another hour of windshield time put her on Cody’s doorstep in Britania Beach, B.C. Almost immediately, the ride planning started as the two carefully crafted their routes for the coming days.

Respect for Mother Nature while snowmobiling in this part of the world is paramount. Without careful planning, proper training and even a little bit of luck, the days riding the mountains of British Columbia can be cut short in an instance. After checking avalanche conditions, weather forecasts and devising Plan A and viable options for Plans B and C, the pair were ready to set off to introduce Ella to an experience beyond what she ever imagined.

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