Sled-Skiing in Alaska

A Girls' Trip to Thompson Pass

In April 2022, Ski-Doo riders Tatum Monod, Nadine Overwater, Robin Van Gyn and Taylor Godber joined forces to travel to the Chugach Mountains for an unforgettable multiday trip. While these four riders all brought something different to the group, they quickly developed an unbreakable trust that allowed them to take advantage of some untouched terrain that they realized was untouched for a reason.

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The ladies use terms like “otherworldly” and “eye candy” to describe the mountains at Thompson Pass. It’s true; it’s breathtaking to look at. But it’s also the snowiest place in Alaska, and with that comes some danger. Avalanche risk is real ,and glaciers are ever present; one wrong move could derail a ride.

“What we’re doing is risky. Being in the mountains, it’s just inherent. It’s just what comes with it.”

Even for our snowmobile experts, the stakes are high. Yet the beauty is so surreal and the riding is so exceptional that they can’t pass up the opportunity. So they plan, educate themselves and set up safety mechanisms. Along the way, they build a level of trust that would normally take much longer to take shape.

Alaska’s Chugach Mountains are so remote that throughout this trip, the four friends have no one to look to but each other. They lean on trust, lean on friendship and lean into adventure. Riding on Thompson Pass might not be easy, but as Tatum, Nadine, Robin and Taylor find out up on those mountains, if you have the right people with you, all you can see is the beauty of it all.

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