Tony Jenkins

Current sleds : 2023 Summit X with Expert Package 165 850 E-TEC Turbo R

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Anything that has to do with being in the outdoors…camping, dirt biking, fishing, hunting, mountain biking. I also love spending a lot of time adventuring with my kids. My family and friends will tell you I’m always finding adventures and never getting home before dark.

Riding snowmobiles has driven me to keep pushing the sport and to share my passion for riding. From teaching backcountry clinics to weekend adventures with friends, I have always had a passion to ride. I’m fortunate enough to live in Southeast Idaho, where in a good snow year I’ll ride from November to June. Riding 8 months out of the year only leaves me 4 months to prepare for the next season – you know how that is.


My favorite area is in Southeast Idaho, mainly because I know the areas so well and we always have good snow coverage being so close to the continental divide. Even on a bad snow year I will head for the North-facing slopes that are filled with trees and go exploring. I’ve been fortunate enough to ride a lot of different and unique areas in North America from Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado to British Columbia and have found that being on the Idaho/Wyoming border offers some of the best riding around – especially if you like technical riding like I do.


I made the change to Ski-Doo riding gear this year. I ride both the Helium 50 jacket and highpants. I went with the Helium 50 because I’m extremely hard on gear and it has the tougher shell. The MCode gloves are very good...but the Highmark gloves are really something else. Just great feel and they stay so dry. Great fit, too.

Normal Job

Well…this is hard one for me to answer! It’s not a “normal job.” What I can tell you is that it involves a lot of fun and challenging training, and I have the flexibility to ride my Ski-Doo on my days off.  But let’s be real – I’d last about two days in a “normal job!”

Most fun on a sled ever

When you’re out riding with your buddy and you look down and you need your headlights to see where you’re heading is a good day.

I’ve had a couple encounters where I had dropped off some mountaintop and found myself in the bottom of a canyon with running water and darkness and an empty fuel tank (Hey, I thought it was a short cut!). I ended up spending the night and getting out in the early morning (that’s why I always take the right survival gear). For some reason, these are my most memorable rides! (The funny thing is my wife knows not to call search and rescue for at least 2 days because they will never find me and I would have to go rescue them after I got myself out – no joke!).

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