MJ Thompson

If you’re into old school sleds as much as the current sleds of today, MJ Thompson is your girl! Growing up in Bruce County, Ontario, the words “lake effect snow” were as good as white gold when the cold winds swept across Lake Huron bearing Old Man Winter’s gifts. Coming from a family of snowmobilers, she lives for the ride – old and new. When she’s not on the trails she’s a Ski-Doo vintage aficionado, but with a sophisticated taste for the modern sled. Here’s more on MJ Thompson.

Hometown : Port Sydney, Muskoka, Ontario; Grew up in Bruce County, Ontario

Current sleds : 2023 MXZ Blizzard 850 E-TEC

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I get my off-season fix riding motocross and street bikes and unwind by collecting and riding vintage sleds and minibikes. Volunteer work with dog rescues and my local horticulture club also keep me busy when I’m not on the trails


Sweeping scenic trails. The kind where you can just let the throttle pull you through one turn after another.



One must-have item or accessory for every ride?

My TekVest.



Normal Job

Old Ski-Doo sleds! I run a business specializing in parts and support for vintage Ski-Doo snowmobiles.

Most fun on a sled ever

I feel like this question is like asking a parent which one of your children is your favorite. There are so many great times from racing Snowcross out in Newfoundland, to local spring rides, and long northern trips that really push your limits.

What does That Ski-Doo Feeling mean to you?

For me That Ski-Doo Feeling is a mutual confidence between machine and rider that delivers a unique and epic experience every time. It's never the exact same twice but it is always the best!


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