Carl Kuster

Hometown : Sicamous, British Columbia

Current sled : 2023 Summit X with Expert Package 165 850 E-TEC Turbo R

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Off-Road/MX/Hard-Enduro motorcycle racing has been a passion since my Dad bought me my first bike when I was 3. He entered me in my first race when I was 9, and took me to Tulsa in 1994 to compete in my first International Six Day Enduro (ISDE). Riding and racing motorcycles was a very fun weekly family affair for decades. I learned a lot from my Mom and Dad during those early racing years. I’ve built a pretty great collection of motorcycles over the past 25 years, and some call my passion a compulsive behavior. I have some really neat collector Grand Prix 2-stoke street bikes that are still fun to ride. I also enjoy building and driving old hot rod trucks. My favorite is still the 1978 Chevy Shortbox I built when I was 18. And my 1970 Roush Supercharged Ford sure is a sleeper.  But I am anticipating the ’68 Ford with Twin 66 Aerochargers on 5.0 Coyote might be a handful and wildly entertaining!!! Hmmmmmm….


We are so lucky at CKMP. Geographically, you can pick 10 riding areas within 30 minutes and regardless of the snow and weather conditions, you can find diverse terrain with a variety of features to have fun in. The new Summit sleds are so good, I really enjoy going to the nasty places in the trees where it challenges the laws of physics and my imagination.


I like to wear the Helium 50 pants and the Helium 30 jacket. It has taken years to figure out the perfect recipe for layering so I’m comfortable all day and makes goggle fogging non-existent. I have been using this recipe for 20 years. I also wear the Ski-Doo Mountain glove – actually all our guides at CKMP wear these gloves because they really do work best in our environment. I still wear the same Oakley goggles I had from the Blair Morgan Racing Team days (I still have a dozen frames and I am down to my last 20 or so lenses!).

Normal Job

Two lifetimes ago I was a motorcycle mechanic at my parents’ dealership. After that I spent seven years racing professionally with Blair Morgan, and since 2008 CKMP has been my job. However… I am hearing that my only job at CKMP is giving my staff impossible and tediously annoying work lists, which he somehow miraculously completes.

Most fun on a sled ever

For sure, the 2005 snocross season. The Ski-Doo 800 Open Mod sleds were like riding sticks of dynamite controlled by a throttle and brake. That was the last year of the real monsters of snocross and there’s just nothing else like it. The throttle response was so brutally quick that if you were careless, you were in instantly in trouble and going to learn a hard lesson. As for backcountry riding, there always seems to be a new highlight that surpasses the previous year.

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